ETI Research Nexus Connectors

The ETI Research Nexus connectors offer silver plated conductors and Aluminium housings with a high quality silver finish on both the RCA and XLR connectors.

RCA Connector

The ETI Research Nexus RCA Connector has taken a new direction for us in the premium RCA Connector market. While we are the originators of the Minimum Mass Star grounding philosophy, we believe we can make more conventional RCA Connectors that offer many of the same attributes, which so many have come to depend on for absolute sound quality.

  • Conductor Beryllium copper
  • Housing Black anodized aluminium

XLR Connector

The ETI Research Nexus XLR Connector offers the outstanding quality you would expect from ETI Research. Both the male and female connectors are made from machined Copper. Many XLR Connectors on the market are a brass type that offers poor conductivity and will impede the quality of the audio carried through the cable and eventually to your ears.

  • Conductor Silver plated tellurium copper
  • Housing Aluminium (silver finish)