Zavfino OCC Silver Dart Speaker Cable

The OCC Silver Dart is the culmination of 3 years development and testing using our H-Wound™ stranding technique on large gauge conductors coupled with our newly developed Graphene doped conductive dielectric.

Utilizing our H-Wound™ stranding each core is guaranteed “Zero Strand Loss” during assembly as the final horizontal silver OCC layer not only allows for perfect pitch across the conductors but also acts as a barrier layers to prevent fallen or clipped strands during the assembly process. What this means is 100% identical cores before they are secured in our Audiophile Grade power connectors.

The Silver Dart’s OCC conductors are Cryo-Treated before extrusion and then undergo our thermal cleaning process to remove any external dirt, oils, and drawing residue from the conductor surface. This high voltage cleaning also puts a continuous voltage through the cable giving the Dart a sound and performance of a cable, which has been run-in for many months.

Silver Dart also uses our spaced layer “cable in cable” technique insulating this cable to an overall diameter of 23mm using a power cable inside a power cable design that is uniquely our own and adding it’s signature sound.


  • Single Crystal OCC Copper
  • 10AWG/Core (2X10AWG) (H-Wound™) 16,000 Twists/Meter
  • Graphene Absorption Dielectric
  • Teflon PTFE Dielectric
  • LDPE-Dielectric
  • Cable -in- Cable Design
  • Ultra-Sonic 7™ Cleaning burn-in process
  • Deep Cryo Treated before extrusion
  • Spaced layer suspension extrusion 6 mm
  • Anti-static multi weave direct braid jacket,
  • High Density EVA Vibration cuffs
  • Machined Aluminum Break-outs
  • Connectors: 24k gold plated BFA/Optional 24k Spade or Locking Banana
  • Standard Lengths: 2.5 meter/ 5.0 meter /Custom
  • Diameter 24.0 mm