Zavfino Silver Dart Graphene Audio Cables

When thinking about bargains, the statement “hell hath no fury like a woman who misses a 50% off designer shoe sale” readily springs to mind.

And just like disobedient dogs who so instinctively enjoy chewing on haute couture footwear, getting value for money on audio gear and cabling comes just as innately to drooling audiophiles.

Is it daft to call a $1,750 US pair of interconnects and a $2,196 US pair of speaker cables “a bargain”…? Sonically speaking, the Silver Darts punch WAY above their asking prices. The Darts brought out the best sound that I’ve ever heard from my components and let me hear the full sonic potential of my different 2-channel stereo rigs.

Instead of feeding the shivering audiophile addiction to continually upgrade my gear, while using Zavfino’s Silver Dart ICs and SCs, I realized that my components are reference calibre. The Darts have temporarily immunized me against the upgrade bug, which seems to bite far too often. From this viewpoint, the Silver Dart ICs and SCs can—and should—be considered an extraordinary bargain.

NOVO High End | November 18, 2018

I didn’t have to think twice in honoring ZAVFINO 1877PHONO’s achievements and standouts with Mono and Stereo Highly Recommended Product Award. The same extends the for the OCC Silver Dart Graphene interconnects!

There are many reasons why these cables are establishing not so silent stirring in the market. In the era where many audiophiles and music lovers are highly priced consciously, Will, Simon, and their team are accelerating their pace and pushing the limits of price point limitations a few bars up on the ladder.

It’s always encouraging to encounter, evaluate and nonetheless most importantly to listen to such price conscious high-end audio creations.

Mono & Stereo | December, 2018


  • Conductor: OCC Single Crystal Copper
  • H-Wound™ 16,000 Twists/m
  • Ultra Sonic cleaning process
  • Deep Cryo Treatment -Conductor only
  • Insulations: PTFE dielectric (wrap), Telfon, Santoprene TPV, Graphene
  • Shield: Mylar with Braided shield and Graphene extruded film as sealant.
  • Cable-in-Cable design
  • Multi Layer Jacket with second layer of Graphene acting as RFI/EMI absorption/dissipation layer
  • Sleeve 1: Black Nylon with Clear Monofilament
  • Sleeve 2: Custom Anti-Static/Anti-Abrasion PE
  • OCC PIN Teflon insulated low resistance RCA
  • Audiophile grade 24k Gold Plated XLR connectors